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Fenugreek Tongkat Ali Plus

Price: $39.90

Unleash Your Strength & Vitality With Tongkat Ali Plus Ginseng

This tested and proven Aphrodisiac is a boost for energy, stamina and alertness – works for women as for men.

Fenugreek Tongkat Ali Plus enhances vigor and vitality and helps dispel lethargy. It contributes to an overall sense of well being by stimulating the body's endogenous testosterone production, and by increasing blood circulation and metabolism. The energizing effects of Tongkat Ali are great for people who want to stay alert for studying, driving or working throughout the night.

For more detailed explanation about the benefits and scientific proof of Tongkat Ali, please read on our articles about this truly potent herbal.


Q : Why do you need this product?

» Tongkat Ali Ginseng which contains 60 capsules x 400mg (Radix Eurycoma longifolia Jack - 300mg & Radix Panax ginseng - 100mg) and easy to consume. It contains no fillers, binders, excipients, sugar, additives, stabilizers, synthetic colorings, animal substances and gelatine.

If the following are your concerns,

  • To improve your sexual desire  thus improve your sex life
  • To improve blood circulation thus improve your health
  • To increase sperm counts and sexual functions
  • To improve alertness, especially during studying, driving or working throughout the night
  • To boost energy and stamina for those who wants to be active

Then it is a good idea to take Tongkat Ali Ginseng Plus.

Tested and Proven Aphrodisiac

Since 1994, different authorities have conducted various scientific experiments regarding the aphrodisiac properties of Tongkat Ali. In laboratory testing, Tongkat Ali extracts have demonstrated an aphrodisiac effect on animals. It increased the number of times and duration of the sexual performance of the animals under study. ¹

¹ School of Pharmaceutical Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia [Ref. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 21(2) 1998 153-155; Archives of Pharmacal Research (Seoul), 20(6) 1997. 656-658; International Journal of Pharmacognosy, 35(2). 1997. 144-46; Experimental Animals (Tokyo), 46(4). 1997.287-90]

Tongkat Ali does not work the same way as other aphrodisiacs

  • Tongkat Ali does not act in the same way as other aphrodisiacs, which reportedly take effect immediately.
  • Tongkat Ali acts by stimulating testosterone and c-GMP production. By enhancing the synthesis of the hormone it requires a longer time period to establish its effects. The benefits are felt gradually after a period of time. Optimal effectiveness should be felt within a week of continuous use. When the testosterone level increases, health and vitality are rejuvenated.
  • Tongkat Ali is not a stimulant. The aphrodisiac effects of Tongkat Ali vary according to lifestyle and the physical and physiological condition of the individual.


Q : How to use this product?

» Take 2 capsules 2 - 3 times daily after meals.

Q : Who should use this product?

» This product is suitable for men who need to increase their sex libido and also to be healthy.



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