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Rukba Gel

Price: $21.90

Natural Herbal Solution for Joint and Muscle Pain.


Natural Herbal Solution for Joint and Muscle Pain.

Rukba Gel is traditionally formulated from the east with the combinations of natural herbs which have been discovered for centuries. 

These natural herbs soothe the pain and inflammation of common injuries, sprains and strains. 

These herbs also aid the circulation and offer relief for rheumatism, arthritis and venous congestion. It is a completely natural product that can be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical medicine and other physiotherapeutic treatments.


Questions and Answers

Q : How to apply Rukba Gel?

» It’s very simple. You just need to rub the gel at the affected area until it absorbs into your skin. It is not oily, because Rukba Gel is specially formulated and the it is water based.

Q : Is Rukba Gel Effective?

» Rukba Gel is formulated from the selected herbs which are used for centuries in South East Asia. Now, with the latest technology all the herbs are blend together and you will get the result almost instantly.

Q : Will Rukba Gel Give Unpleasant Smell?

» No. Rukba Gel is very soothing because we blend it together with a perfume which will get rid all the unpleasant herbal smell.

Q : What are the Benefits?

» Rukba Gel is a fast working anti-inflammatory gel suitable for all occasions.

-          Muscle Strain

-          Bruising

-          Joint/ Ligament sprains

-          Tendonitis

-          Joint dislocation

-          Nerve pain from lower back or neck problem

-          Osteoarthritis

-          Rheumatologic conditions

- Quick recovery on rehabilitation

Q : What are the Natural Ingredients?

» Rukba Gel contains all natural herbs with remarkable effects on joint and muscle pain

-  ‘Jerangau’ (Acorus calamus),

-  ‘Halia Bara’ (Zingiber Officinale Var Rubrum),  

- ‘Habbatus Sauda’ /Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa),

 - ‘Kunyit’ / Turmeric(Curcuma),

- ‘Kunyit Hitam’/Black Turmeric (Curcuma Caesia),

- ‘Pudina’/Mint (Mentholatum),


- ‘Air’/Water (Aqua)


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