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The Miracles of Manjakani

Manjakani (Oak Gall) has been used widely in the ingredients of the traditional medicine for centuries by the Arabs, Persians, Indians, Chinese and Malays. It is believed that Manjakani has been used since 2725 BC by the ancient Egypt.

According to research, the best manjakani is known as ‘Mecca Manjakani’ or ‘Allepo Manjakani’ which is originated in Allepo, Syria. Manjakani is formed from the leaves known as quercus infectoria (scientific name) with the presence of wasps known as cynips tinctorial or cynips gallaetinctoria. The effectiveness of manjakani has been proven especially in treating vaginal discharge, sore throat, ulcer, and also skin problems.

Studies have shown that manjakani is rich in tannins, vitamin A and C, calcium, and gallic acid, fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Besides that, manjakani also contains the elements of astringency, anti-microbes, and anti-inflammatory.

Due to the rich contents of tannins in manjakani, it is widely used in the traditional medicine especially in healing external tissue damage and also tightening the vagina muscle due the childbirth process. Research also shown that the astringent properties in manjakani can help restore the vaginal tissue growth, strength and elasticity.

Below are the benefits of manjakani in medicine:-

1. Be Young – The anti-oxidants in manjakani reduce the process of aging

2. Diabetes Prevention – Gallic Acid can help in preventing diabetes and asthma.

3. Prevention on Breast and Servix Cancer – The anti-oxidants in manjakani can prevent breast and servix cancer.

4. Prevention on unpleasant odour – Due to its astringent properties, manjakani helps in eliminating bacterial, yeast and fungal infection, the main causes of itching and unpleasant odors in the intimate area.

5. Healing tissues in vagina – Tannins in manjakani has the properties of tightening the vagina muscle and helps reverse loss of elasticity caused by ageing, hormonal changes and childbirth.

6. Reducing excessive vaginal discharge – Astringent also helps in reducing excessive discharge which can cause unpleasant odours.

7. Cleaning the excessive menstrual – Astringent can also absorb the excessive of blood due to menstrual.

8. Healing external tissues – Astringent in manjakani also aids in healing external tissue damage after childbirth.

9. Firmer and smoother skins – Astringent in manjakani helps for a smoother skin and also prevents acne.

10. Healthy Eye – Astringent can improve the eye sight due to its properties in shrinking the tissues in our eyes.

11. Breast treatment – Due to elasticity properties in manjakani in treating muscles, therefore the habit of drinking manjakani can help improve the breast elasticity.

12. Teeth and bones – Calcium in manjakani helps to strengthen teeth and bones.

13. Mouth – Astringent in manjakani maintains the cleanliness in mouth.

14. Dry and Oily Skin – Astringent also helps in preventing dry and oily skin.

15. Chronic Ulcer Treatment – Manjakani drinks can help in treating chronic ulcer.

17. Rich in food vitamins – Due to fibres which contains in manjakani, it helps in preventing constipation. Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, and protein are also beneficial for a healthy life style.

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